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Mark Lennard - Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

Booking a Toastmaster for your special occasion will enhance your celebrations by ensuring that your event will be looked after by a professional trained Toastmaster. Mark Lennard has trained and studied with the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters and is fully experienced with all types of events requiring the services of a Toastmaster.

English Wedding Toastmaster

Your Wedding Breakfast, as it’s traditionally known, will be a most memorable day of your life and to ensure that it all goes according to your plans your Wedding Toastmaster Mark Lennard will work with you both prior and during your event to ensure that all your requirements are carried out.

Mark has great experience in working with Brides & Bridegrooms and Parents, to make the whole wedding celebrations run smoothly. You will have so many choices as to how you want your special day to run and Mark will help you to decide on the perfect wedding agenda for the day.

Wedding Toastmaster

How you want your day to run is entirely your choice and Mark will help to guide you on ideas and your decisions.

Do you want a formal wedding celebration or would you like a more relaxed style on the day? Either way, Mark can adapt his skills and his experience to accommodate whatever style of Wedding Toastmaster you require.

Your Wedding Toastmaster is a wonderful addition to your special day and he is there for you to rely on when you need him. Mark will be part of the event for as much as you need him but he will always ensure that both the Bride and Bridegroom are the stars of the show!

When considering booking a Toastmaster for your function you are making a wise decision if you are looking to ensure that your event runs smoothly on the day. With a Toastmaster present this will also add a touch of class, pomp and ceremony to your very special event.

Toastmasters provide an age old tradition of ‘Master of the Ceremony’ and provide the backbone of an event to whom all the event staff turn to as the official organiser and timekeeper. Many different types of events require the professional services of a Toastmaster and not just weddings. Various faiths require different ways of officiating at a wedding and Mark Lennard will tailor his skills and experience to all types of faith weddings. If you are interested in booking a Toastmaster or wish to enquire about any special requirements just contact Mark Lennard today.


Mark Lennard is a fellow member of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters and has been trained to the highest standards required. He is fully qualified to officiate at all events both Civil and Royal.

Using the services of a trained Toastmaster gives you the peace of mind that you need on your special occasion.
All members of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters adhere to a strict code of conduct and many of the guilds members have officiated at high profile public events including Royal occasions.


If you would like to make a booking or require further information on the services of Mark Lennard then please do not hesitate to make contact by telephone or email, just visit the contact page.